What’s In For You

  • We are focused on bringing out the inherent skill hidden in you and show it to the world. Our ways of training are unique and we offer an environment which is learner friendly by keeping in minds all your needs. All our teachers are well experienced and industry trained and have in-depth knowledge in traditional as well as contemporary forms of art. We have a variety of media for your usage in traditional and in digital format. You are free to explore your skills in drawing using a paper and pencil or other tools of traditional form as well as a digital form of drawing. We also provide specialized courses in different types of drawing which you can choose based on your interest and future career choice.


    What’s in for you?

    • We are the best providers of training in traditional and digital drawing at the most affordable prices.
    • We have a variety of courses for different age groups.
    • We offer customized courses based on your varied needs.
    • Our teachers are all experts in their fields of art. They are always willing to help and advice you at any time.
    • We bring in an experienced professional with whom you can interact from time to time and learn the tips and tricks of their fields.
    • We provide you with access to valuable books and materials and some of the best pieces of art of all times at our library.
    • We provide classroom and online training at different time slots which you can choose according to your choice.
    • Your performance is assessed from time to time by our expert mentors and they provide you their valuable feedback and inputs.
    • We constantly update and upgrade ourselves with the latest developments in technology.
    • We provide such an environment where you can learn, boost and enhance your creative mind to explore and try out different ways.
    • We assist you in choosing the right form of drawing in which you can specialize further.
    • We help fully help you in choosing the right career as per your interest and offer placement assistance as well.