• Doodling

Doodle is a simple drawing of abstract lines which may or may not have a representational meaning. It is called a scribble if done without lifting the drawing tool from the paper. It often associated with young children but not uncommon in adults but generally done jovially out of boredom.

  • Sketching

A sketch is a rapid, rough and incomplete drawing that serves as a basis for a more refined finished image. It is an initial and key step to put your ideas on paper which can later be developed further to arrive at the final drawing. 

  • Life drawing

The real life observations of the artist are shown in the form of life drawing. Human figure forms and their emotions are the most popular theme used in this type of drawing. Portraits, sculptures, cartoons, comic character illustrations are some examples of life drawing.

  • Emotive drawing

Emotive drawing focusses on depicting different emotions, feelings, moods, expressions of a personality in the form of drawing.

  • Perspective drawing

Perspective drawing is depicting a three-dimensional image on paper in such a way that it looks realistic. It is generally used to represent space, surface, volume etc.,

  • Analytic drawing

This form of drawing is used by the artist to represent observations in a clear and simple way for easy understanding. It helps in giving a better perspective to the observation.

  • Illustration drawing

An illustration is a form of drawing used in interpretation or giving a visual explanation to a text or concept. The color, size, style, effect used in the text or concept is basically shown is visual form. It is widely used in published media like books, flyers, magazines, posters etc.,

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